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“Sales fixes everything” – Guy Kawasaki

Why choose Fundraise Insider?

The start of a great sales campaign is marked by smart and effective prospecting. Fundraise Insider provides you exactly that – prospects that have been recently funded are more likely to hire a recruiting and staffing company to help them ramp up their teams. Run your sales or email marketing campaign to this targeted list of recently funded startups.

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Here's How To Make Sales Happen

Recently funded startups can be a good prospect to pitch your recruiting and staffing business to because they are likely to hire more people to help them grow.

Filter Companies

Based on your ideal customer profile, you can filter companies and contacts based on industry, size, funding stage, etc. The data is as recent as companies funded the previous week.

Sales Campaign

Plan your sales campaign, whether it is via email, LinkedIn, ads, or a mix. Download the filtered contacts as a CSV and upload to your favorite outreach tool.

Prospect Personalization

Tailor your pitch to the specific needs and goals of the startup, and to emphasize how your business can help them achieve those goals. Use the data points to your advantage.

Do Your Research

Learn about their company, their goals, their products or services, and their target market. Tailor your pitch to show how your business can help them achieve their goals.

Keep It Concise

Startups are often short on time, so make sure your pitch is clear and to the point. Focus on the key benefits of your business and why it’s a good fit for the startup.

Be Specific

Use concrete examples to illustrate the benefits of your business. Show how it can help the startup solve a specific problem or achieve a specific goal.

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Pitch Example

If you have a recruitment agency that specializes in tech talent, you could pitch it to a startup that has just received funding to build a new software product.

Pitch example: “Congratulations on securing funding for your new software product! As you know, having the right talent is crucial to the success of any tech project. That’s where we come in. Our recruitment agency specializes in finding and hiring top-tier tech talent, and we can help you build/ramp up the team you need to bring your product to market/iterate on your product.

By working with us, you can focus on your product while we take care of finding and hiring the talent you need to make it a success. We’d love to discuss our services in more detail and show you how we can help your startup grow.”

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